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Care Instructions for Ziridium 

Congratulations on the purchase of your vehicle with the Ziridium interior and exterior protection plan. Here are some tips for long term care. 

*Most touch-free car washes work best. Try to avoid the ones that use beater type brushes as they may cause surface scratches on your finish. 

*If you chose to wash at home, use micro fiber mitts or sponges with a mild car wash soap. Use micro fiber towels to dry the surface (terry cloth towels are extremely abrasive). Try to avoid drying in bright sunlight; shade would be preferred. 

  • You may wax your vehicle with a fine spray wax detailer or soft carnuba wax. Use of cleaner waxes or gritty compounds are not recommended. 


*Interior protection has been applied to carpeting, floor mats and your cloth or leather seating areas. 

  • If a spill occurs on cloth seating area or carpeted surface, use tap water and a towel to clean up the stained area. 


* Ziridium does not require any annual reapplication, however, normal washing and cleaning inside and out will assist in the preservation of your vehicle’s appearance for years to come. 

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